Monday, April 9, 2007

Minutes 2 April 2007

Hello, EONers!
I am terribly sorry that I have been such a slacker this week! However,
last week we had a great meeting and between then and now, there was,
in fact, a sustainability committee meeting, organized by Bill
Nelligan, which some knew about and some didn't (again- sorry)
discussing the future of sustainability at Wesleyan. In any case, there
promises to be another one soon. And until then, you can all come to
the EON meeting on Monday at 9pm in the Woodhead Lounge in the Science
center, as ever, and you can read the very, very overdue minutes from
last meeting! Yay, EON!

Minutes from 4/2:

Happy Birthday, Amanda!
Why we love, Amanda…so many reasons…


Ashley met Izzy Greenberg (NEAT) about North End clean up on Sunday,
April 22

Alex: Blog is being worked on (thank you Alex and Antoine)
-question and answer posted for askEON section
Check it out: it’s awesome! (

Green buildings made online petition
put it on wesleying- 85 people signed it!

Starch, non-toxic, compostable peanuts!!
-if you need some, ask Alex

Izaak: Buttstock is coming up! April 28? Perhaps?
Start thinking about an activity or program for it- tell Izaak
fliers? petitions? spray-painting?

Julien: Step it Up- Joyce Jenocke(sp?) from Buddhagaia (sp?)
-goal: 80% carbon reduction by 2050
-march in 12 days on Saturday
From some park up to Foss Hill
Stay tuned for more info!

What’s the deal with the Sustainability Committee, Bill Nelligan?
-Elisa will write to him

Final Announcements:
EON resolution passed at the WSA- thanks from Annie Fox to everyone who

Green buildings: Fundraising with parents, alumni associations
Money for the new science center to be LEED certified
Buttstock: brainstorming… the petition for signing

Energy/Sustainability: Working on document requesting office
of/sustainability coordinator

Compost: Grant writing/researching party
Working with the Roosevelt inst. to establish composting on
camups and in community.

Facilitator for next week: Alex! Yahoo!

Last minute notes:
BLOG!! password stuffs
-email Alex, aprovo, or Antoine, acadotwood, about questions, links,
posts, etc.

News from Ava: HELP is official! Yay!

Some composting and farming folks met with Delmar Crim, head of Bon
Appetit dining. Though an interesting character, he seemed to see his
job as representing the hopes and dreams of students to the dining
company- so he is way into sustainable practices! I think we can count
on him to support our initiatives, which is lovely.

Thank you all for reading and to all who came to the last meeting. Hope
to see more of you at the next!

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