Monday, May 10, 2010

Last Meeting of the Year (05-10-10)

We started off the meeting with snacks and conversation with some wonderful people. We had delicious apple/pear crisp made by the wonderful Emilie Knight.


~State legislature just passed the most important environmental bill in 2 decades

-Wednesday at 1pm there is going to be a press conference in Hartford

-Your finals aren't as important as 20 years of progress!

-If you are interested in going, email Dan (

Here are some of EON's accomplishments this year:

Green Fund

~Has created an outline for this summer to prepare for next semester

~Apply in the fall to be on the Green Fund committee next year!

Green Scene

~The Green Scene was born

~It is now in a beautiful blog format

Students for a Just and Sustainable Future

~Now has groups at Yale and Conn College!

~Working toward a state-wide coalition, making CT a leader!

~Hope to establish sleep outs on a regular basis in the fall

~Went to DC

~Slept out for a week on Foss

~Mountain Justice Spring Break

~April Fools Day skit


~Did a lot!

~Marched in Hartford

Treasurer (Meggie)

~Got money for all the EON projects

~Meggie is going to be the Student Organizing Center Intern and hopes to work with EON a lot next year!


~Still working on water bottle campaign

~Bottled water will be out of Weshop in the fall, and instead we will have AquaHealth

~Sustainability interns are on board

~They have a beautiful display of water bottles in Usdan

~They are trying to make a water fountain map

~They did a blind taste test and favored tap water!

~They have a lot of "tap that" stickers to put around campus

~Red meat-free Tuesdays

~Made signs for returning silverware


~May Day

~Did a lot of work out on the farm

~It needs help! There is a lot of weeding to be done!

-If you're interested in helping during senior week, contact Melody Oliphant or Charlotte Heyrman

~Starting to put things in the green house

Committee for Investor Responsibility

~We hope to work with them next year now that one of our members is on the committee

Farmers Market

~Successful markets every two weeks

~Helped to establish connection between Urban Oaks and Bon Appetit

~Organized a couple of field trips with kids from local schools to the markets

~Feast on Foss


~Panel was really great: 3 guys from CT involved in food production and sustainability efforts and Michael Strumpf

-Moderated by Courtney Folove

~Had a cooking demo by a chef that helped to start a coalition to incorporate sustainable practices into large scale food industry

~Freegan vegan- dumpster diver/foreager came to speak and led a foraging expedition


~Raised $300 for CT Coalition for Environmental Justice

-They need website help if anyone is interested

~Hugely sucessful!

~Possibility of a Triathalon during senior week to Millers Pond

~If you're interested in continuing it next year, email Emilie (


~Faltered due to lack of man power and help from the university

~Proposed that a student be hired to run compost for the X-Prize

-Was not accepted, maybe it can be put into action through the Green Fund

Emilie's brother came and spoke about his work

~Human Rights Watch

~Trying to get labor laws passed for children in agriculture

~You should send a letter to Congresswoman Deloro to support the Care Act


~Marjorie Dodson and Melody Oliphant are our new coordinators!

-Marj wants to keep the dialogue between groups going and increase communication on campus

-Melody's goals are 1) Get better at recycling, 2) Help get composting going, 3) get rid of bottled water, 4) Convince Bon Appetit to end contracts with factory farms & get more local food sources 5) reach out with local schools to get excited about food politics: local food options, bringing them to Long Lane, etc.

~Bingxin Wu is our new treasurer

~Amendment to the constitution: You no longer have to go through the treasurer for funds, just go on your own

~Sophie Duncan is our new secretary, and Melody Oliphant will be her webmaster assistant

~Josh Levine is our new social coordinator!

Lastly we said goodbye to our wonderful seniors. Thank you for all of your hard work! It's been a great year EON, and I'm really going to miss you guys next year.

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