Monday, April 12, 2010

Earth Month EON Meeting (04-12-10)

~If you have any event going on during Earth Week that you would like publicized, you should tell Alex ( because she is getting together a calendar for an all-campus email. Get it to her by this Thursday. It will include all events starting Monday, April 19th.

Facebook debate
~Should we do multiple events, one event, or a group? We eventually decided on doing separate events for each day. (I think).

The following campaigns and events need help:
~Tomorrow at 8, LaMonte, who is running for governor, is coming to Usdan 110 to talk to the Wes community. Spread the word!

~Emilie Knight is trying to organize a 5k for May 1st. She needs people to help table in Usdan for registration will be from the 19th-24th at lunch and dinner. If you can help out, email her ( She also needs people to be event staff (you get a t-shirt!). Her current problem is that Middletown police don't want us to run on roads or sidewalks. First 25 get free registration and t-shirt, next 50 only pay $5 registration. She wants to donate all that money to the CT Coalition for Environmental Justice.

~If you are doing an event during the 15th-24th, you are welcome to do it at the Sleep-Outs. They are going to be super-fun, so you should come! There might be yoga, mindful eating, etc. There also might be a pot-luck at the end, as a closing of their week. WesFresh is going to buy food at the Farmer's Market and cook it and bring it to the Sleep-Out.

~WesFresh has a line-up of events and films coming up. There will be a joint screening of Food Ink with Full House and a series of house-hopping cooking demos. They also are having a Vegan, Freegan, Foreager guy coming to lead a foraging expedition on the 26th. There will be a panel of people talking about large-scale organics vs. small scale operations. It might include a Whole Foods produce buyer that used to run an organic co-op from his house. On the 27th, Anne Gallagher, chef and caterer, will do a cooking demo with local foods, and will talk about nutrition and environmental benefits. There will be food samples! She helped found an organization called From Plow to Plate. They need help with flyering and publicity.
~Dining just got money to order 1000 stickers for anti-water bottle campaign. They are going to have a bottled water taste test. They will have people sign the pledge to stop using bottled water and get a free sticker. They are also creating a water bottle map.

~April 23rd & 24th- There is a CFA dance performance using water bottles, and they need people to help distribute the water during the show.

~Saturday, April 24th @ 2pm: HOME (film screening at Goldsmith Family Cinema)- We need over 1000 invites on the Facebook event! He is going to try to organize people to send around with clipboards to get people involved with various projects/campaigns. If you have an idea for an idea/issue that you want to promote, let Miles ( know, or if you want to be a clipboard person, let him know.

Other Earth-Month Related News: Rally in DC

~April 25th- there is going to be a huge rally in DC for climate change. There will be 100s of thousands of people: See the details here: If you are interested in going, talk to Josh (

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