Monday, October 29, 2007

Meeting Minutes 10/29

Meeting Minutes
Katchen Coley-enviro activist from Mtown
Ron Klattenberg- city council, common council
Matt Lesser-running for planning and zoning (wes student?)

what's going on in mtown in the next election

impressed with us--shareholder in the farm (food fair was great)
Bill Nelligan praised us as well
appeal for help--election day is happening Nov. 6th (tues)
vote for candidates
3 referendums--approve bonding money (for diff projects)
3. conservation commission (preserve farmland, open space in middletown) is asking for bond (which includes state aid)
approve $2million so they can continue their work

want us to stand at polling places to hand out a piece of paper explaining the 3rd referendum item

polling place on williams st. (green awning at senior center)
if you're doing this, note that you can't stand closer than 75 ft. to the polling place
2 hr shifts

(preventing land from being developed saves tax $$)

Ron Klattenberg
how is Middletown involved in environmental issues
infomercial--intended to encourage residents to participate in clean energy task force thing

Matt Lesser (08)
Democratic Candidate for planning and zoning commission
Planning and zoning=city agency that has most control over how Middletown actually looks (any developer has to consult)

important election that's coming up
conflict between philosophies:
1. put jobs first
2. looks at enviro impact

izaak has talked to marsha whitehead student athletics advisory board thing--interested in working on sust. at freeman athletic center--who will check it out and make recommendations for her?
jamie silver at admissions wants some people to go talk to tour guides
contact iorlansky@wes

step it up is this weekend (12 on saturday--rally on foss hill. live music! whee. info, compact flourescents) talk to julian if interested in helping
before rally at wes, there's going to be a march across bridge (at 11)

12 people going to powershift--need one more car (can anyone volunteer?)

bottled water kickoff event at farmer's market
43% filtered
22% tap
23% bottled
13% no pref

yay! people were interested

ride board thing: its has set up a program
demo at thurs at 2:30 in nicole chabot's office (across from that store thing)

energy: thurs 4:15 sci li
procurement weds 6 at usdan downstairs
waste: tues at noon at usdan at info desk (talking to bill nelligan)
events: thurs at 7:30 comfy couches

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