Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Minutes 5 November 2007

Meeting Minutes
blog has calendar
let's have a party
SAFT (saftwesleyan@gmail.com)
Long Lane Workday?
Still need someone to go through Freeman Center to assess enviro stuff--Julian, Sarah

Allan Comp--Speaker tomorrow (Tuesday) at 7:30 at Daniel Family Commons (super interdisciplinary--effects of coal, working with communities)
Sludge movie on Thurs.

Sam went to Yale Food conference thing

Step it Up happened kindof, despite the odds...yay! (can we get the picture?)

14 went to powershift this past weekend at U of Maryland
youth forum
went beyond rhetoric, usual discourse
enviro justice issues, how interconnected many issues are-->working together, building coalitions
mostly underclassmen went (props to them)

Sam met some people from Conn College who do similar things--they have an herb garden, buying cheap tea bags, selling herbs to make money for their group (cool idea--work with the farm?)

thurs 4:15 sci li energy
fri at 12 focus the nation
waste: wednesday at 12:25 at usdan info desk

friday 16th early evening eon party

next thursday is america recycles day

andres' idea: maximize paper usage
take all one-sided paper---make notebooks (cover with fun facts) to sell! use it to buy carbon credits

procurement is getting a printer for gooso paper in ST lab
problem: it's up to us to fill it with paper

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