Monday, November 26, 2007

Meeting Minutes 11/26

Meeting Minutes
facilitator: morgan
icebreaker: fav mode of transportation
laura: there's double-sided printing in sci li! OMGGGGGG
when you go to printer: says "copies" scroll down to layout, says double-sided printing off, JUST PUT IT TO ON! HAHA wow.
party this weekend? 10 pm on friday at 34 fountain! woo.

focus the nation (happening on jan. 31st): we need speakers. Julian will send a form letter so we can send letters to people we think could be a good speaker. everyone should contact at least one person!
categories: science, policy/response, social justice
more info in email

vote for allison in next week's WSA election
talk to izaak if you want to be on the WSA (increase green presence)

for next meeting: bring list of things we've done so far this semester (for institutional memory)

apparently we shared space with para la familia.

procurement: every printer can print double-sided! perhaps they just installed something and just didn't tell us.
HOW TO: when print page comes up, click drop down that says copies and pages, go to layout, says normal, choose double-sided printing.

facilitator for next week: sarah

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