Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Meeting Minutes, 12/3

A productive end-of-the-semester meeting.  Some major stuff:
- Remember your Focus the Nation hw
- Vote for Allison to keep Wes Green! www.wesleyan.edu/wsa/voting (ends
- Groups email your achievements for archives to Antoine at

Minutes, 12/3

Icebreaker – what do you like to do in the snow?

* Met with Trinity and Conn College = showing “The Eleventh Hour” at Conn
College; coordinated movements
* Dec 12, 6pm @ Green Street – 2nd meeting for planning meeting for “Feet
To The Fire”
8 pm = EON study break
* Party: $4 for Dana Powell
* Vote for Allison Quantz for WSA At-Large! And Gianna Palmer because she
is going to give us money for Focus the Nation!
* Next time in Usdan: Think twice before buying bottled water!
* Energy Bill take 2: Sarah will set up a tabling thing for people to call

Groups talk

End of meeting notes
* Miranda: verbal consent is legally binding in CT; so don’t tell people
you will offer money!
* IF YOU DON’T KNOW WHAT’S GOING ON: any ideas of smart people to come,
talk to Julien or email jburns@wesleyan.edu. This is your project!
* Make conversation with professors this week = approach professors that
they have in; what’s going on! (we want profs to work on this)
Jan. 31 = can make it into a whole class, we can provide readings to
begin class. lots of ways to get involved, we’ll be getting in touch
with that sort of info.
* Meeting
Thurs., 4:15, Usdan = energy meeting/ focus the nation – 2pm
* Accomplishments
- blog
- party
- movie
- set up infrastructure of ppl
- dining facilities composting
- natl recycling day competition
- Signed climate commitment; got community climate
- Do it in the dark
- Powershift conference
- Step it up
- Tabled for energy policy in senate
- Involved in focus the nation
- bottled water signs
- double-sided printing project
- green bags at weshop; discount signs
- food waste scales
- energy saving lightbulbs at weshop

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