Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Minutes 10 Dec 2007

Last full-group meeting of the semester!

Icebreaker: Name and pet peeve

Announcements (many):
-Nate wins the Wespeak award!
-Sustainability Committee meeting (8am of that morning)
oSubcommittees are working, leadership-wise
oNeed students

oSustainability Subcommittee reports:
•Transportation is trying to capture numbers for transportation impact
•Looking at fleets
•How to monitor outside contractors
•Cogeneration will save a lot, but no solid numbers
•Possible system for monitoring campus energy use (software costs $3000)
•Recycling/Waste not going anywhere fast
•Bon Appetit using sugarcane dishware soon (not as much plastic)
oCompost infrastructure able to handle it?
oWaste metric in the works
•Lots of paper waste (to the tune of 1 million sheets/month for
copiers alone)
•Trying to make standards more universal across the university for
•Green Building
•LEED silver is becoming the state standard for new buildings in two
•Talk of making LEED silver standard now
•Focus the Nation
•One speaker fell through
•Funding pending
oTalk of getting sustainability audits for departments

-Possibility of solar panels by March – so sayeth Peter Staye
-Allison is reelected to WSA!
-EON study break movie – “Planet Earth”
o8pm and 9pm, Wednesday 12/12, Shanklin 107
oPut up signs!
-Wednesday at noon at 42 Fountain Ave, gathering to send e-mails to
individual professors for Focus the Nation (bring $2 for pizza!)

Group reports:

-Focus the Nation news
oGot the $2400 from the SBC
oMeeting next Monday at normal EON time

-Sarice has infiltrated ITS! Will help write policy on lab computers so
that they go off at night, double sided printing.
-Sustainable meal for Focus the Nation

- Working one trayless Tuesdays, waste weighing for next semester.

-EON meeting Monday, Jan 21st, if you’re back.
-Finish the EON beer party, 42 Miles, Thursday.
-Interested in campaigning for Barack Obama in New Hampshire? Talk to Izaak.
-Harvesting Long Lane Earth Tub next week! Talk to Elisa. E-mail forthcoming.

Good luck on finals and enjoy the break!

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