Monday, September 15, 2008

meeting minutes 9.8.08

icebreaker (name, year, where you're from, something cool about the enviro you learned this summer)

farmer's market this wednesday! bring cassshhh
buy local! yippee
(if you'd like to get involved,

energy bill about to come up in congress--discussing drilling vs. a bunch of solutions that don't involve drilling

john: mountain top removal is bad! bank of america funds that stuff. want to start a campaign to remove them from campus
meeting tomorrow at 8 at 200 church

ginger ninjas
bike-powered band
coming to wes!!!
this saturday at 2ish
happening at high rise/low rise

student activities fair 2-6 on september 19th
talk to grace (gepetersen@wes)

paolo--lives in earth house
running year-long program about nutritional education and food security in middletown
if you want to talk about it, pspeirn@wes

want to be a sustainability intern? email wnelligan@wes

structure discussion
current structure:
4 groups: energy, procurement, waste, beyond wes

keep groups, but also pick one thing to do all together?
can make ad hoc groups if we have specific projects to do
should we have campaigns instead?
group actions at the end of each meeting

contact emilie knight if you know of an environmentally-themed film/tv show we could show! emknight@wes

compost: improve stuff
procurement: purchasing policy, recyclable products
energy; do it in the dark, step it up
beyond wes: university relations
educational forum on presidential elections
powervote (eli is awesome)
energy, culture on campus--radical environmentalism! arts! music! action not apathy!
edible landscapes, green roofs (pplant has all that area being cleaned up, want to/should put wildflowers in...push for that in other areas)
pi cafe--food gets thrown away, noooo-->work on reducing that (work with food not bombs?) (community services house?)
dining--work with bon appetit!! emphasize take a bag leave a bag, reusable mugs, 10 cent bag thing (community services house?)
freeganism-promote that
film screenings (show me green, manufactured landscapes) outdoor series? use buddhist house!!
biodiesel fuel program
sustainability coordinator position!!! (can't drop this issue)
find a big symbol/embodiment of sust. at wes (like a solar panel or wind thing)
tag sale dance swaps
eon kickoff party?

elisa is facilitator next week

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