Monday, September 21, 2009

Minutes (09-21-09)

~Passed around sign in sheets

Introduction: by Anne and Josh
~Our coordinators run the meeting, they are the point people if you have questions
~It's so great to see such an amazing turn out!
~We are here to serve EVERYONE and provide a network for getting involved
~This is the biggest year for environmental activism ever! President, Congress, etc
~These are OUR issues, and we need to confront them head on
~We won't get to our goals through one campaign, it's the combination of all our hard work
~The administration is totally on our side, even if they don't have the capital to back that support
~This year we even have a social coordinator!!!
~We have put a lot of work into getting to this stage, it's set, so now it's up to us to step up to the plate and do the work

How EON works:
~There have always been a bunch of committed students
~Last couple years there has been a lot of questioning of our efficiency
~We've revamped our structure, so we're better than ever
~We are a network that exists to provide the resources, the people, and the collaboration
~The real work is done in sub-committees that meet once a week
~EON as a whole will only meet once a month to report progress between groups
~Two coordinators: Anne Rosenthal & Josh Levine
~Social coordinators: Emilie Knight & Alex Provo
-Informal get-together spaces to talk and share ideas
-Brunches, pizzas, parties, etc.
-If you want to host an event or party, talk to them!
-They will provide a little fun and structure if you'd like to host your own
~Secretary: Hannah Monk
-Takes meeting notes and collaborates with the Webmaster to compose newsletter
~Webmaster: Melody Chang
-Weekly newsletter to compile everything
-Conferences, events, ways to get involved
-Green Scene will go out every Monday evening
-If you have anything you want included, send it to by Monday afternoons
~Treasurer: Meggie McGuire
-If you need money for anything, contact
~Any questions about the structure, feel free to ask the coordinators

SAGES: Sarice Greenstein:
~Sustainability Advisory Group
~Committee meets once a month, but there are sub-committees that meet at least twice a month
~They are responsible for recycled paper, solar panels, zip cars etc
~They are:
-Green building, recycling, compost, energy, procurement, education
~This is how we are connected to the administration
~It's very important and student-driven

Landscaping: Nora Christiani:
~Trying to convert campus to native plants and less pesticides
~Now is the time for implementation
~They want to focus on the areas that they are leaving grassy- pesticide-free lawn-care
~It can also have a real impact on the surrounding neighborhood

Compost: Emilie Knight:
~We have started pre-consumer compost at Usdan, Pi Cafe, and Star & Cresent
-It's being collected and Physical Plant transports it to the Earth Tubs
~We have two working and one soon-to-be-working Earth Tubs out at Long Lane
~We also have 10 green machines located around campus
-You put material in it, close it, and tumble it
~Now we're working on institutionalizing the system and keeping it going
-The first step is an email going out through Reslife on how to get a bucket for your living space and what to do with your compost
~Would love ideas, energy, and people that aren't afraid to get a little dirty

Roosevelt Institute: Jeff Bizinkauskas:
~Wesleyan's student policy organization
~Connected to other student policy think-tanks across the country
~Have a really awesome website
~Four years old, small membership
~Has a lot of potential
~Engage, empower, and promote ideas to encourage change
~They meet and discuss policy, help students write policy, and publish a journal at the end of the year
~They hope to have a blog in addition to their website
~They want to work really closely with EON, because they want ideas turned into policy
~You can get published and spread your ideas

Awareness: Leslie Xu:
~Put up fliers, worked on a short eco-commercial
~This year they want to go into residences and have face-to-face discussions
~They want to work on a presentation/forum, maybe a slideshow
~If you like presenting things and talking to people, or working on the computer and writing things
~They want to be a vehicle to get the word out for other projects

WSA's X-Prize: Ben Firke:
~Tried last year but is raring to go this time
~Committed to sustainability for years
~Have worked on traylessness and removing paper towels from dorms
~Want to make a strong alliance with EON this year
~Want to come up with as many ways to reduce the waste this campus produces
~They want proposals to go straight to President Roth
~They are going to offer cash prizes for detailed proposals for reducing our school's consumption of resources
~They need people to design & put up posters, and to work on the website
~Even if you don't win the money, your idea will be considered and possibly implemented
~Tentative deadline for submissions: end of the semester

Farmer's Market: Melody Chang:
~Happens every other Wednesday
~Every other Wednesday, things need to be set up before the market, and help the vendors unload all their goods
~During the market they have an information desk where they have recipes and fun information
~There is also clean-up after the market and advertising before the market
~Students run the market
~It's still young and growing, so if you have any ideas for expansion, let them know
~They are trying to involve the community more and get approved to accept food stamps

Live Campus: Hannah Monk:
~Started by students at Brandeis two years ago
~Concerts go on at campuses around the country to raise money for a Millenium Village in Africa
~A Millennium Village is created using sustainable farming techniques, clean water, better medicine
~Got really far on it last year and didn't receive funding
~So now they are ready for action!
~They need people to screen and select bands, contact bands, make and sell tickets and shirts, and work the show
~It's a great way to get involved if you love music

Green Fees: Julia Michaels: & Julia Jonasday:
~Went to Powershift in DC
~One of Wesleyan's biggest issues is funding
~We need an institutionalized source of funding for sustainability
~It's a fee that tacks onto tuition
~If there is a 2/3 vote on campus of probably around $20
~It is possible to opt out
~It's going to be a slow process, but they need a lot of support throughout the process
~Pretty much everyone at Wesleyan is interested in sustainability, but might not have the time to show it, so this is a way they can contribute
~Ideas to use it: clean energy, better-insulated senior houses
~It's time for Wes to get on board

CT Forest & Parks Association: Annie DeBoer:
~Work to preserve over 800 miles of state hiking trails
~Depends mostly on volunteers and members
~It's the first year of community partnerships
~They want to plan and go on hikes, help them maintain their trails
~They need help with education, their website, public relations, film events
~This weekend they have a hike with elementary students for trail maintenance
~Meeting Wednesday at 8:30

350: Juliana Gaertner:, Dan Fischer:, Aja Mathews:
~We need to get below 350 parts per million
~They flooded senators with calls today
~In December, the UN is having a summit in Copenhagen to decide the global treaty for the next ten years
~It's a fair, ambitious, and binding treaty (FABulous!)
~They are planning a huge event on October 24th to involve everyone and spread the word about 350
~They need ideas for what they can do before the 24th of October
~Whatever group you are a part of, they need your ideas

Bike share/Rental: Legit: Josh Levine:
~Trying to get bike sharing project going on

Dining Committee: Anne Rosenthal:
~Pushed to get rid of trays
~Bon Appetit is really receptive of our ideas
~They want to do a public awareness campaign to reduce water bottle usage and meat consumption

Dan Drew: Miriam Berger:
~He's young and not awkward
~He wants to get rid of a sewage plant on Route 9
~He wants to get students involved in his campaign
~Work with the WesDems
~If he gets elected, we could have a say in his policies!

WesRUM: Alex Provo:
~Reusing Materials
~Waste Not Tag Sale
~Wants to keep our stuff within the community
~Get people involved with tag sales, clothing swaps, etc
~Want to get people involved next semester with Waste Not

GreenPeace Global Warming Campaign: Nick Boskovich:
~Put pressure on Obama to make him a climate leader at Copenhagen
~Wants to hold a screening for "The Age of Stupid"
-It broke the record for most viewers in one night

Long Lane: Alex Ketchum:
~Student run organic farm
~CSA- Middletown community members own shares
~Contribute food to the local food bank
~Used as a place for learning within the community
~There is no commitment or hiearachy
~They are having Pumpkin Fest on Halloween

Floor is opened to everyone else for new campaigns:
~Sustainability interns are in charge of Do It in the Dark, but it's going to become a group, so stay tuned for more details

Other Notes:
~This Saturday Yale is having a big get-together for environmental activism
-If you are interested, talk to Josh


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