Monday, September 29, 2008

Minutes from 9/29/08

Meeting minutes 9/29/08

Icebreaker- favorite thing about fall
Alex does how to post to the eon blog presentation :
to view the blog
how to blog:
1. go to (use firefox, it works better than safari)
2. id: weseon, password: wesleyan
3. under WesEON, click new post
4. enter text in the editor box. If you want to add a link, highlight the word you want to link (like you would highlight “this website” in a sentence like “check out this website about climate change”) and click the green circle with a chain link icon on the top bar of the editor (it’s next to the text color icon). Then enter the url in the box that pops up. If you want to add a picture, click the image icon (next to the spell check icon)
5. once you’re done, hit publish post (if you hit save, it won’t show up on the blog!)

Saturday tabling at Usdan for Green Jobs, lots of people signed petition, you can still sign it at

Wesleyan Mountain Justice Coalition Wednesday night meeting 8pm in 200 Church lounge to discuss Bank of America coal issues

Proposal for EON to endorse speakers – Evan Greer (activist from Boston) to talk about social justice and climate change

This Wed. first waste awareness wednesdays during lunch at usdan, collection of post-consumer waste, what is collected will be displayed at dinner to show people how much is wasted and to promote composting

Aurora is talking to pi about how many cups are used each day, turn that amount of waste into a visual project

Emilie is working on a project with solo cups, reducing their use on campus and turning it into a visual project

Wednesday @10 presentation on the Sustainability and LEED certification of the new Molecular and Life Sciences Building, location TBA-look for an email from Jacob

Group meetings:
Waste-Thursday 12pm Usdan
Beyeond- Tuesday 10pm Usdan
Election- tabling Thursday 12-1pm Usdan (email eallen01@wes)
Development- TBA
Institutional Reform- Sunday 12pm Usdan

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