Monday, October 19, 2009

Minutes (10-19-09)

Brief Advertisement for Dan Drew:
~Dan Drew was just here, and was pretty impressive
~He had a pretty good answer for everything they threw at him
~He's extremely open to working with Wesleyan
~He talked about how he can appoint students to boards and the Clean Energy Task Force if he's elected
~Register to vote in Middletown and vote for him!
~Dan Fisher passed around voter registration forms

Group/Campaign Reports:

Waste/Compost: Emilie Knight (
~Has had a slow start, but it's ok!
~They ran a time for seniors in wood-frames to pick up buckets
~There are a bunch of buckets with stickers at the shed, feel free to go pick one up
~They hope to hold workshops on how and where to compost
~They need to come up with something fun and interactive to do at the Pumpkin Fest
~They need people-power!
~Winter is coming, and it's hard to start compost in the winter, so now they are researching information on compost at other schools to show the administration that we are behind, and this is how things need to be done
~Alex Provo suggested putting together a compost website
~Someone suggested bringing a green machine to Pumpkin Fest to demonstrate how to use it

Pumpkin Fest: Alex Ketchum (
~There are still lots of tables available, if you'd like one, email Alex

SAGES: Sarice Greenstein (
~Wednesdays at 9am: Sustainability Subcommittee meeting
-If you want to go, talk to Sarice
~If anyone is doing things related to SAGES, email Sarice and let her know what's up, they might be able to help

Farmer's Market: Melody Chang (
~Meetings: Monday, 5pm, PAC 104
~Market this Wednesday from 11am-2pm in the Usdan Courtyard
-2nd to last out-door market
-There will be hot apple cider!
-Exciting new vendors: sheep products and raw milk!
~They are working at feature vendors
-There will be a masseuse at their first indoor market
~They are looking for a treasurer
-It won't be a lot of work, just keeping track of funds and checking in with vendors at each market
~They also need people to help with advertising
~Their Market Coordinator and Volunteer Coordinator are going abroad next semester, so they will be looking to fill the ranks next semester
~Julia Michaels brought up that we can't swipe meals at the Bon Appetit table
-Someone else commented on the lack of vegan options at that table

Dining: Anne Rosenthal (
~Meet Thursdays at 9pm on the black couches at Usdan
~They are working on their bottled water campaign
~Strumpf thinks we can get rid of bottled water and is researching a plan at Syracuse
~They secured low-carbon Fridays at the Usdan Marketplace
-Every Friday there will be no red meat
~They are tabling to promote the Eco-To-Go initiative
-You can now buy in to the program at the Cafe
-Bon Appetit has agreed to expand it to Usdan at lunch
~They want to do mail stuffers on GOOSO paper to advertise how to recycle
~If you have any sustainability related comments for the dining committee, just email Anne, because Bon Appetit is being very receptive
~Julia Michaels suggested putting up signs that are specific to Wesleyan near the recycling bins
~Someone suggested trying to push for corn-based plastic containers again
~Melody brought up wrapping the sandwiches in paper instead of the containers

WesRUM: Alex Provo (
~Meet Monday nights at 9pm, usually in the Woodhead Lounge
~They do lots of cool projects
~They made books one week and recycled t-shirt scarves
~They are planning a clothing swap and free-market for after break
~Bring stuff from home back with you from fall break
~They would like to have a regular free market
-They are still trying to find a building to host it in
~They also want to do a film screening
~If anyone wants to help poster after Fall Break, that would be awesome

Bike Co-op: Josh Levine (
~Compiling paperwork for a proposal
~If anyone wants to help with the document, talk to Josh

Do It in the Dark: Josh Levine (
~This year they are expanding it to program houses!
~They also want discussions, so there is a lot more participation than there has been in the past

Green Fees: Julia Michaels (
~The Green Fund will be an additional tax added to the student activity fund voted on by the student body
~The WSA meeting about it went really well last night
~Now they are trying to form the committee to oversee it
~There will be a meeting tomorrow night, 10pm 1st floor Usdan
~If you have any input, go to the meeting and help work on the proposal
~They will be voting on the proposal in 2 weeks
-After they approve it, there will need to be a 2/3 referendum by the student body

350: Dan Fischer (
~Make sure to get your picture taken with the 350 sign if you haven't already
~This Thursday, there will be a meeting in Usdan in the basement at 6pm with Greenpeace
-There will be a short film screening
-Professor Royer will be speaking
-They want to make a giant 350 on Foss Hill to take a picture to be displayed in Times Square with similar pictures from around the country
-The picture will probably be at 6:15pm
~In November they will follow up with a demonstration at Senator Liberman's office
-They want lots of people there
-If you have any ideas or want to be a part of it, let them know
~Their big event will be in November, after they get all the police permits
~Melody suggested defining a more exact time for the picture, and emailing the whole student body about the event
~If anyone wants to help with posters, let them know

WesU: Sam Bernhardt
~He has an environmental show, so if you ever need to publicize, talk to him

Live Campus: Hannah Monk (
~Waiting on the website to get put up
~They are really on hold until Brandais updates the site
~They will be meeting after break to check in

Green Scene: Hannah Monk ( and Melody Chang (
~Any praise or comments or suggestions, please email with "Green Scene" in the subject line

X-Prize: Ben Firke (
~Ben's working really hard on this
~They are stalled because they are looking for a loophole
~They can't use funding for prizes

Discussion of the new structure

~Lots of praise for Green Scene
~Sarice brought up the possibility of having the meeting every 3 weeks instead of 4
-People seemed to approve of this idea

New business:
-This year they are having regional Powershifts
-Josh is going to the one in PA this weekend
-If you want to go, talk to Josh (
~Carter is coming homecoming weekend to speak on Saturday, November 7th at 4pm
~Outing Club does WOOTs
-Josh wants to make one where students can spend time at school learning about how sustainable things
~Josh is going to Copenhagen
~Talk to your friends at other schools, find out what they're doing
~If any groups need further publicity, you should use the EON blog
-Email Alex ( and she would LOVE to teach you how to use it

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