Monday, November 16, 2009

We've done a ton of great things, so we'll start off with recounting the progress we've made:

~Last night, Green Fund was passed by the WSA!
-It passed by 31-1 votes!
-Has been meeting consistently
-Had a great Free Market yesterday
-Awesome day of climate action at Lieberman
~Green Scene has been amazing every week, and is now posted on the blog
~Dan Drew
-We met with him, unfortunately he lost
-We initiated low carbon Fridays
-ECO to go is now in Usdan
~Energy Star
-Policy that all new appliances are energy star rated
~Water bottles
-There is an anti-water bottle campaign being undertaken by the dining committee
~Activist workshop
-Took place
~Speaker from the Climate Project came and talked to some students
~We've been in almost every Argus
~Farmer's Market has been consistent and amazing
~Do it in the Dark has been expanded to program houses

Campaigns and Committees:

Green Fund

~Julia Michaels, Julia Jonas-Day, and Josh Levine have been working really hard on this
~$15 per semester fee that students can opt out of
~$70,000 a year to be managed by a committee of students for sustainable initiatives on campus
~Created a resolution, was passed by the WSA
~Now we need to pass it by the student body by a 2/3 vote in December
~They are doing lots of writing and publicizing if you want to help
~Meeting tomorrow

~Low carbon Fridays: not many complaints
~Bon Appetit has been very satisfied with our traylessness
-Students aren't really complaining either
~Eco-to-go hasn't been selling a lot, but the program itself is going well
-Hopes to send out a mass-campus mail about the program
~Has put up anti-bottled water fliers
-There is potential for getting bottled water out of WesShop
-Wants to put some kind of water bottle installation in Usdan
-Decided that they will use the slope of wall by the stairs to make a hippie-ish beaded curtain thing
-Will be coupled with an educational component
-Bill Nulligan is on board and told us we can get Jeff Miller from Physical Plant to give us collection bins
-Installation should go up in December
-Let Anne ( know if you want to put collection boxes out near your residence
~If you ever have any ideas for Bon Appetit, even if they aren't sustainability related, ask Anne
~Encourage people not to steal cups and silverware, and not to sneak in, it's driving the cost of our meal plans up for next year!!
~They meet Thursdays at 9pm on the black couches at Usdan

SAGES Waste and Recycling Committee
~Resubmitted a waste minimization proposal
~Dainty and the city of Middletown will begin to recycle all plastics
~Compost is on hold due to broken green machines
~Star and Crescent is composting
~Usdan is not, so we need to be in touch with them

~Meeting regularly
~We had a Free Market yesterday
~It went so well! People want to see more!
~They want to have another one, this time in Mocon
~They have talked about trying to get a free store open in 190 High
-For those who don't know: 190 High is a free space for any student group to use at will
~They meet Mondays at 9pm in the Woodhead Lounge

~In December in Copenhagen, there is a global conference on climate change to reduce carbon emissions to 350 parts per million
~Little is being done on the US political front because politicians don't want to deal with it
-We need to push for something to get passed, so it's better than nothing
~Josh is going to represent us in Copenhagen!
~They had their awesome rally planned for Friday, but it was forecasted to rain, and it did, so they post-poned the rally for the first weekend in December (tentative)
~They are going to partner with some people from Middletown
~15 people still went to Hartford and met with representatives for Dodson and Liberman
-They promised us they would work as hard as possible to put their initiatives that the top of their agenda
~The whole world is watching Liberman and his plan to work between the right and the left
~Today, Josh and Dan talked with Daniel Rosengarten
-The house bill had a 4% reduction, so the senate bill made some increases
-Compromises are going to be made, but that's politics; things are still happening.
~Their photo petition is beautiful and huge and awesome

~Food Fight is on Wednesday, from 8-11pm in the CFA hall
~Director will be there
~There are still about 30 beds to turn, so there will be an event called beds and breads
-They will be baking bread on Wednesday in the Butt B kitchen and will cook it on Thursday
-It starts 11am on Thursday to turn beds and eat fresh-baked breads
~Farm House is having an open house for people that want to live there
~There is a women's health event on Friday, if you'd like to attend, RSVP Alex Ketchum
~Meeting Thursday, 9pm at 190 High every week

Blog business
~Post lots of things!
~The Green Scene is now posted there every week, along with the all-EON meeting minutes every three weeks
~If you would like to post on the blog, log onto using the gmail username and password (email aprovo@wes to get it if you don't already have it)
~For questions about posting, formatting, etc email Alex (aprovo@wes)

New Business
~Josh is collecting information on unnecessary lights
-If you see any spot where you see energy being used where you don't think it needs to be used, tell Josh (

~350 wants a bunch of student groups to sign on and show support for these things

~Josh really wants to organize a green pre-orientation trip
-He would love if someone would help look at what other schools do, and do a little research
-Email him ( if you are interested
-Encourage your friends to use it!

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