Wednesday, September 26, 2007

MEETING 9/24 It's Group Time!

Facilitator: Alex

Senior House Energy Competitions- advertisement this week!
-Saturday, Sept. 29, starting at 12 noon, go door-to-door with brochures
-for info on how to help, email Sarah (sreed)

Ron Klattenburg as potential speaker- Middletown local politician
-to give pitch to EON at a meeting forthcoming (all in agreement)

COCo or CoCo or COCO or whatever: Sarah Jeffrey went
-for money, they want to know three weeks in advance
-with questions, or requests, email Sarah (sjeffrey)

Student Finance and Facilities Committee representative needed!
-for application info, email Izaak (iorlansky) or Julien (jburns)

Next Sustainability Committee Meeting on October 2nd
-for info talk to Izaak, Jacob, Nate, Julien, Sarice or Elisa

Dining Committee
-BA not psyched about plasticware- want more student input on the input cards!
-would like research done on environmentally friendly dishware and silverware
-corn starch? bamboo? what’s the best? (What did Clark U. do?)
-is their tuna’s environmental footprint too big?? Let’s research it!
-for dining committee suggestions email Allison (?) or Tressa (teaton)

The D.C. Powershift Conference
-volunteers volunteered to organize it!
-more info, email Sarah (sreed)

Split up into groups:
(Remember: you are in no way bound to any group, unless you agreed to a job or responsibility. You can choose your own adventure!)
Procurement (Dining, Weshop, cleaning materials, etc)
Events/Media/ University Relations
Waste (Composting and Recycling)

Several groups decided on outside meeting times:
For working on the website, the meeting was (sorry!) at 12 noon at Pi on Wed.
For Green Series, the meeting was POSTPONED, perhaps to Sunday at 6pm in Sci Li- stay tuned!
For Energy, (go somewhere next week!) at 4:15 on Thursdays

Composting: if you are interested in helping with the manual labor of composting, email Elisa (eschine)!

Next week’s facilitator: Anne!!! Yahoo!!!
(Don’t forget to send out reminder emails to the listserve, thanks!)

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