Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Welcome to all the new freshman and thanks to Julien for doing that lovely powerpoint!


Julien is taking over facilitating and getting rid of ice breakers for this week so he can do his presentation.

What is EON?

· Non-hierarchical—julien is not in charge and doesn't know anything

· Making Environmentalism happen on campus!

· Created to enable various campus environmental groups work together on campus

· Usually we break up into issue groups/ campaigns

· Everything is decided on consensus

· What ever you want it to be!

· Other organizations

o SAGES: sustainability advisory group for environmental stewardship

o Long lane farm

o Earth House

o Sustainability committee of the WSA

· Committees we are on:


o SAGES subcommittees

o WSA dining committee

o MLSB (molecular life sciences building) committee


o Chair: Bill Nelligan

o Composed of faculty, students and staff

o Sub-committees: Transportation, energy, waste, procurement, green building

· Previous EON achievements

o Composting and recycling programs

o President's Climate Commitment

o Focus the Nation

o Step it Up

o Do it in the Dark

o Creation of the sustainability committee

o Waste Not!

o Powershift

· Important people:

o Joyce Topshe- head of physical plant

o Mike Roth—the man

o Bill Nelligan—Director of Environmental Health and Safety and Sustainability

o John Meerts—VP of finance

· EON Resources

o Blog!!! – www.wesleyaneon.blogspot.com

o Sustainability website—Wesleyan.edu/sustainability

o Listserv: weseon@lists.riseup.net

o Gmail: Wesleyaneon


· Alex: collective action! Rainforest Action Network: ask the world bank to consult indigenous people about climate change—The World Bank is hosting a "Global Forests Leaders" forum this

week in Washington, D.C. to discuss global warming and threats
to the world's forests. This meeting exemplifies the systematic
exclusion of representative Indigenous leaders by international
institutions. While hundreds of people - including
representatives of corporations like Walmart, Weyerhaeuser and
Citi - were invited, only ONE representative of a democratically
elected Indigenous organization from the Amazon was asked to
come. This is not acceptable, considering that the Amazon is the
world?s largest tropical rainforest and home to more than 300
Indigenous nations.

Please help by sending a letter today.

· Alex: want to help research new landscaping options for campus that are more sustainable? Contact her at aprovo@wes or after the meeting

· Grace: SBC wants to come up with a contract of sustainability if they give out money (ex: you must you recycled products, etc) contact her at gpetersen@wes

· Beyond Wes: no one else came? This is important! Lets try and get people interested in

· Sarice: plastic bag workshop October 16th- Russell library: crocheting knowledge is necessary

Beyond Wes: Usdan 12pm Thursday

Waste: Usdan 4pm Friday

Development: Lowrise B6 6pm

Election: Wednesday 1pm Usdan

Institutional Reform: Sunay 11am.

Beyeon(d)- Tuesday 10pm Usdan

procurement subcommittee—WE NEED YOU. Email egreenstein@wes if you're interested, or if you have questions PLEASE.

all other committees-- email wnelligan@wes to join. also: look at wes/sustainability to read about the committees, what they are doing, and who is on them. Then, feel free to contact the chair directly and ask to join.

green jobs event? Alex will send an email or do it herself.

EON party 9pm-- 273 Pine. BYOcup (and anything else you might want to put inside)

Beyeond—blog particpation—each group have a weekly post? Please discuss what this could be at your weekly meeting!

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